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Share your Stuff Tuesday’s

I am reposting this to add it to a fun new meme I discovered.

Table for Seven

I am loving the challenges I am getting from customers! While I still can’t figure out making a sweater, I am however so pleased with how this mermaid outfit came out!

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Is this NOT the cutest thing ever!?!?! I want to make a few more, and hopefully get some intrigue from some photographers! I have a few other designs I want to work on as well!

It’s party time!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Welcome to my blog! This is the first year I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Party with my craft/hobby blog. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee/tea/cocoa, help yourself to a cupcake ~ they are oh so tasty!

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Let me introduce myself…. I’m Jodi ~a wife, mom, friend, baker, knitter/crocheter and a Tastefully Simple consultant. I mostly post little snibbits of all the fun items I crochet and or knit, throw in a recipe or two with a few random posts/reviews. I am looking forward to blogging more and having some giveaways in the near future!

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Thanks for stopping by!
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Instagram fun

I love this photo app on my phone! I can change the way a picture looks all with a tap of the button. And one of my favorite subjects to capture is my kitty, Lulu.



This one is my fave

Hi dad



Senior pictures

I can’t believe its almost time to start planning out Trent’s senior pictures. I had planned on doing the pictures myself, but I am thinking I am going to have a friend of mine do them, as my camera is giving me fits right now, and I really want them to turn out nice.

I have been checking out different places as to where I can get prints remade and what not, I like those online shops where you can shop their canvas prints that can be personalized for you items. I want to get some special pictures printed for my inlaws.

Time to start saving those pennies, as I feel this photo shoot will be expensive!

March Photo Challenge 27/31


Stay tuned

Want to play along? You can find the list for each day, here.